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Voiceover in Spanish

           Your message... Crystal Clear

Do you want to make a real difference? How about having your documents translated and recorded onto an audio, CD, DVD, Podcast or MP3?

Just think about it, we hear commercials on the radio, listen to training manuals, audio books, and even Power Point presentations. Why not give an extraordinary impact on your project and make your message easier to remember?

Just imagine the possibilities:

  • Safety Manuals
  • Procedures
  • Instructions
  • Downloadable messages
  • Web pages
  • Commercials


Do you want an example?

Still not sure if an audio is right for your project? here are a few audio examples from satisfied customers. These audios caused great impact and improved their sales. You may have heard them before:

Kroger  Audio


Well, what are you waiting for?

Take advantage of our experience and let us know about your project right now.
Having a voice in Spanish is more affordable than you think!

Click here and share your ideas with us.

Myrna I. Pérez
CEO and Founder





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