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Fundamental Spanish Workbook 2

For students with some knowledge of the Spanish language, Workbook 2 takes the essential conversational Spanish learned with the Workbook 1 to a new level with new and challenging situations, providing useful techniques to easily enrich your vocabulary. 

All four skills— listening, writing, reading and speaking— are developed through a wide scope of tasks which closely reflect day to day living.

   Key features of the Workbook are:

  • Background information on each topic.

  • Grammar explanations of the most common “problem areas”

  • Word building exercises.

  • Verb building exercises.

  • Reading and Listening comprehension tasks.

  • Answers to all tasks and transcripts.

  • Easy to read, big font size.

  • Minimal memorization required

  • Cultural perspectives and narratives.

  • An audio CD with exercises to practice on your own.

The CD included has new exercises that complement your learning and polish your listening and comprehension skills for you to improve and correct your pronunciation!

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Fundamental Spanish 
Workbook 2



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The Fundamental Spanish Workbook 2 book provides clear answers to the exercises so you can evaluate yourself.
A CD is included for you to  practice listening and comprehension, right from the first exercise!

In Summary, one of the Best Books to continue learning Spanish!

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Teacher's Manuals

Save time and effort preparing your classes!

Our Teacher Manual is the perfect teaching guide to the Fundamental Spanish Workbook. Save time and effort preparing for your classes!

As a teacher you will find clear instructions as well as tips and clues on how to cover each topic presented on the Fundamental Spanish Workbook 2, with detailed explanations exercise by exercise. Useful handouts are also included to enrich each class. 


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