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Our Vision
     To be the preferred, one stop shop for services related to the Spanish language.

Our Mission
     To provide effective information and tools to help people and businesses to learn, understand, and communicate in Spanish and other languages.

Company History
     Myrna Pérez, CEO and Founder, started teaching Spanish at the Hopkins Community Education, Adult programs, in Minnesota in 1998. In 1999 her first book, Fundamental Spanish Workbook 1, was published and introduced at the Hopkins Community Education, in Minnesota, with great success. In some classes, the dropout percentage was reduced from forty to just five percent!

     Soon after, Spanish Booster was founded. Our original website was built in 2000 and since then it has provided information regarding the Spanish language as well as the cultural aspects of the Latin American culture. Today, has more than 2,500 daily visits from more than 70 countries.

     Continuing with its mission, the Fundamental Spanish Workbook 2 was soon published, as well as the Teacher’s Guide. These were introduced at the HennepinTechnical Community Center in Minnesota with fantastic results. At the same time, Spanish Booster diversified its business strategy providing not only Spanish classes but also translations and proofreading services.

     In 2003, after moving from Minneapolis to Cincinnati, the diversification efforts continued, and voice-over and video were added to the list of services provided. On the other hand, the company publishes the Verb Conjugations Workbook. In this virtuous circle, Spanish Booster became a frequent collaborator in the weekly newspaper “La Jornada Latina”, “Noticiero Latino USA ” and “”. Nowadays we do not only provide classes in Spanish, but also in Portuguese, German, French and Japanese.

     As the world becomes more interconnected, Spanish Booster realizes that a lack of understanding between different cultures causes frustration and loss of business. In order to close the cultural gap, Spanish Booster offers Cultural Awareness Courses and Seminars for Americans that want to better understand the Hispanic Culture and expand their market share. Our courses have been so successful that these courses have been expanded to teach Hispanics how to better understand Americans too!

     Today, as always, Spanish Booster continues to improve its products and services based on strong ethical principles and a full understanding and commitment with our customers and their needs.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are looking forward to working with you soon. 
Myrna I. Pérez
CEO and Founder