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Indecisive about which class format works better for you?
Review the following guidelines.

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          Group Classes
Our group classes provide an enriching environment to the student, who benefits from other students' experiences.
Our teachers provide a safe, friendly environment that promotes participation and freedom to ask questions and practice.
To give the best possible attention, our group size ranges from 3 to 8 students.
Sessions are divided in groups of 6 classes of 55 minutes each.

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          Private Classes
A private class gives the students the schedule flexibility they want, while learning at their own pace.

Some of our private students just want to meet to chat, improve their language skills, and not to be held back by the speed of a group.

For our k-12 Spanish students, we follow the school curriculum, rather than just teaching a fixed curriculum from a book. This has immediate impact on the student performance at school, helping with daily homework and improving on test and quizzes.
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          Corporate Classes
Each company has its own goals and objectives when investing in the learning of their employees, and we understand it.
Our courses are customized to meet the specific needs that each company has, setting up ambitious, but also realistic goals.
With simple, easy to understand grammar explanations, we combine theory and practice in a flexible, easy, and fun course.
The classes are sparkled with cultural notes that allow the student not only to speak the language, but also learn about their counterpart motivations and expectations critical to develop a fruitful relationship. (For in-depth knowledge learn more about our Cultural Awareness Courses).
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