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Spanish Prepositions 






A preposition is a word that connects words and creates a relationship between them.

A at, to       Hacia toward
Ante before Hasta until,up to, as far as
Bajo under Menos   except
Con with Para for, in order to
Contra against Por by, for
De of, from Salvo except, save
Desde after, since, from Según according to              
Durante   during Sin without
En in, on Sobre on, upon, over, above  
Entre among, between Tras after, behind


Preposition uses:

  • Preposition noun:
                            Contra mi auto / against my car.
                            Sin dinero / without money.

  • Preposition + pronoun:
                            Para / for me.
                            Entre nosotros / among us.

  • Preposition + infinitive:
                            Sin comer / without eating.

  • Verb + Preposition:
                           Viniendo de lejos / coming from far away.
                           Voy hacia la locura / I am going crazy.



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