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Getting Around

At the Hotel


Sometimes only the people at the front desk speak English, but what
about the bellboy, or the room service?



Unless you stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel, or one of those big hotel chains, chances are that you will be struggling trying to communicate your needs during your stay. 


But don't run away from small town hotels. Family owned hotels can have a more personal touch, make you feel part of the family and go the extra mile to satisfy you. You will remember that you were not just a number, but a very welcome guest.


Here are the most common words and phrases for:

Checking in / out




Problems and complaints

Tips to save money



Checking in / out


¿Tiene una habitación disponible? / Do you have a room available?

         habitación sencilla / single room
         habitación doble / double room
         habitación de fumar
/ smoking room
         habitación de no fumar / non smoking room


Tengo una reservación  / I have a reservation.


Mi estancia es por _____ días. /  I will stay for ___ days 
                 1,2,3... días, semanas /  1,2,3... days, weeks


Me quedo hasta el día__ /  I will stay until ___


Mi cuenta por favor /  I want to check out




¿Acepta tarjetas? / Do you accept credit cards?

               tarjeta de crédito / credit card.

               efectivo / cash

               vales / coupons

               millas (kilómetros), puntos /  airline miles (kilometers, points.

¿Cuánto cuesta? / How much is it?

Cárgelo a la habitación / Charge it to my room




¿Me pide un taxi? / Please call a taxi for me.
                      taxi / taxi

                      doctor / doctor

                      policía / policeman

                      botones / bell boy


Necesito un doctor / I need a doctor.

¿Me despierta a las __:__ ? / Wake me up at __:__

Necesito un servicio a la habitación / I need a room service.

                     servicio de planchado / ironing service
                     servicio de lavanderia laundry service
                     servicio a la habitación / room service

¿Dónde esta su centro de negocios? / Where is your business center?
                           alberca / swimming pool
                           sala de convenciones
/ conventions room
                           restaurante / restaurant
                           bar / bar

                           gimnasio / gym



Necesito hacer una llamada / I need to make a call.
                                 llamada local / local call
                                 llamada internacional / international call 

Me comunica a la habitación ... / Transfer my call to the room...

Necesito mandar (enviar) este fax /  I need to send a fax

                                                   paquete / pak

                                                   caja / box

                                                   carta / letter

                                                   documento / document


Problems and complaints


Mi cuarto está sucio / My room is dirty

Mi teléfono no funciona / My phone does not work

      televisión / TV
      baño / bathroom
      aire acondicionado /AC.
      regadera / shower
      refrigerador / minibar fridge.
      micro-ondas / microwave oven
      puerta / door
      llave / key


Mi cuenta está mal / My bill is wrong.




Tips to save money!

Here are some tips to save some money.


- Before you travel, get an international calling card from your long distance telephone company to avoid high hotel telephone charges and surcharges. International calling cards work in most countries around the word. (Prepaid local telephone cards work great too!.)


- Don't exchange your money at the front desk unless it is absolutely necessary, they always have expensive exchange rates. ATM´s usually give you a better exchange rate but some of them charge for a transaction fee.


- Ask for a frequent stay program. Even if you stay there only once, you may get some savings and free drinks.


- Stay away from the mini-bar and room service.


- Keep your money and important documents at the hotel safe box. 

- If you book your trip through a travel agent or through the internet, ask for a detailed document that states what kind of room and services you paid for. Unfortunately sometimes you will have to fight fiercely for what was offered to you if you don't want to pay for an "upgrade".


As always, drink only bottled water. You should not drink water from the faucet unless a sign says it is OK. (And even then I would not do it!)











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