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Getting Around

At the Restaurant

Ordering food is always challenging and a tricky gamble, especially if you don't know what  to order.



As in every place, there is the international food that everybody knows and the local, lesser known but delicious food too. You may want to try something new if the restaurant is clean and full of people. Remember that one of the best ways to know a culture is to know its cuisine.



The Menu

Payment and tipping


Note of advice




Here are the most common words and generic dishes that you will find in most restaurants in Mexico.






Coctel de Camarones Shrimp Cocktail

Extras / Side dishes

Coctel de frutas Fruit Cocktail


papas, patatas / potatoes
  ...fritas / french



  ...al horno / baked
Sopa del Día Soup of the day   ...pure de papa /mashed potatoes
Sopa de Fideo Noodle soup guacamole / guacamole
Sopa de Verdura Minestrone Soup frijoles / beans
Sopa de Tortilla Tortilla Soup cebollas / onions
Arroz  Rice rábanos / radishes
Caldo de Pollo Chicken soup champiñones /mushrooms
Espagueti Spaghetti zanahorias / carrots
Macarrones Macaroni chiles / hot peppers

maíz / corn



Ensalada del Chef Chef Salad
Ensalada de Atún o Pollo Tuna or Chicken salad
Ensalada César César Salad
Ensalada de Frutas Fruit Salad

Glosario de preparación 
(Preparation glossary)

cocido / cooked

Platillo fuerte

Main Course

frito / fried
Carne asada Steak Al horno / baked
Sabana de res Thin steak Al vapor / steamed
Camarones empanizados Breaded Shrimp a la parrilla, a la plancha / grilled
Camarones a la plancha Grilled shrimp empanado, empanizado / breaded
Filete de pescado Empanizado Breaded fish salteado / sauteed
Pechuga de pollo 
a la parrilla
Grilled chicken breast asado / roasted
Milanesa Breaded thin steak crudo / raw
Enchiladas Enchiladas término medio / medium
Tacos Tacos en su punto, 3/4 / medium well
bien asado / well done



Limonada Lemonade
Cerveza Beer
Refresco, soda Soft drink
Chocolate Chocolate
Vino Wine
Agua embotellada Bottled water
Leche Milk



¡Buen Provecho !       Bon appetit!



Payment and tipping.

If you don't have enough cash, be sure that credit cards are accepted before ordering or go to the closest ATM. A significant percentage of restaurants only accept cash because in some countries accepting credit cards is expensive.

A tip for 10% or 15% of the total amount of the check is appropriate at most places, but ask the local people to be sure. Please keep in mind that most of the time the tip is the only income that waitresses receive and sometimes it is shared among other people that assist them. Also, be aware that sometimes the tip is already included on the check.


Note of Advice!


You may feel tempted to eat at any street-side improvised restaurant. Think it  twice and leave it to the natives, your immune system may not be ready for it.


By the way, drink only bottled water, avoid ice and do NOT eat raw vegetables.








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